Exclusive Interview With Young Rap Act PK By Stanley's tizzy.

Music comes to me easily, It’s like air I breathe, It’s inbuilt - Stanleystizzy interview with PK

Stanleystizzy: Hello.. Good Afternoon, What are your names and Stage name?
PK: Kayode Pelumi PK

Stanleystizzy: Okay.. So what will you call your genre of Music?
PK: Rap

Stanleystizzy: Who inspired you to sing and how did you get into music?
PK: Well, I grew up listening to the likes of 2pac, 50 cents and Eminem, I loved their style, but fell more in love with Dagrin’s flow using Yoruba dialect, I loved every of his songs, the way he carefully rhymes his lyrics. Listening to him made me wanna do what he does and ever since then, I wanted to become like him.

Stanleystizzy: So what was growing up like for you?
PK: I grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Ado Ekiti, Dalimore Street, things were pretty hard ‘cause my parents were pretty broke and they couldnt meet some of our needs, things were difficult but the difficulties made me a stronger person and a real hustler because I’ve had the mindset of not depending mainly on my parents since I was about 11 years old

Stanleystizzy: So which label or management are you signed to?
PK: Yeah I know, but through Gods grace, it’ll only get better
PK: None, Not signed to any label yet, Pk is still a one man mopol sadly, but I got a small crew and we call ourselves the “Last Muhfokas”

Stanleystizzy: Last Muhfokas ... I love that
PK: Thank you

Stanleystizzy: Which artiste would you love to work with or have you worked with?
PK: That’s an easy one, Ever since the industry lost Dagrin, fortunately the game didn’t die with him, Rap found another god in Olamide. Working with the YBNL boss would be a big deal for me.

Stanleystizzy: Have you worked with any upcoming?
PK: Yeah, I worked with Femzybeats, an upcoming producer on a song Called Duro. That was months ago tho.
Stanleystizzy: Ok

Stanleystizzy: So how do you balance music with school?
PK: Music comes to me easily, It’s like air I breathe, It’s inbuilt, So I don’t worry about it affecting school, when it’s time to get serious with academics, I get serious with it, but there’s always time to make music because it’s what I’m created to do

Stanleystizzy: Cool... So do you have anything coming for your fans?
 PK: Yes I do, Yes I do

Stanleystizzy: What's that?
PK: I have a track coming titled INCARNATE CEO, produced By the magician EARLSEVEN and mixed by Beaty

Stanleystizzy: So where do you see yourself in the Nigerian Music Industry IN the next 5 years?
PK: By Gods unlimited grace, in the next 5 years, I see greatness, nothing but greatness, PK would be a force to be reckoned with. Pk is heading to the top and the top he’ll remain. Koni sewu

Stanleystizzy: Amen.. Any last words for your fans?
PK: No last words, there ain’t gonna be any last words, there’ll only be first of many, To everyone out there, Pk is Coming for the industry, the industry suffereth Dopeness, dopeness that can only be found in Pk. I’m coming y’all, Eruku nbo, Rap has found a new god and you’re about to find out!!! Mind blowing flows assured !!! File feruku

Stanleystizzy: God bless boss.
 Stanleystizzy: Thanks for staying with us.

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