I Don't Regret Posting My Nude Pics, Nollywood Actress Christabel Ekeh.

I Don't Regret Posting My Nude Pics - Christabel Ekeh 

Christabel Ekeh, a model and an actress whose n@ked pictures surfaced the internet last year through her Instagram account has come out to explain why she did that.

While Speaking to Joy News she stated :

Though it was a shock to my family, they jumped in and defended me.
It was something I had planned for so long a time and wanted to do it in 2016 on my birthday but a friend discouraged me, so I did it in 2017.

I had fears though but I dealt with it and came out with the n*udes. It is deemed illegal but it was something I did to get out of my comfort zone because as an actress and a model, few people might have seen my n@kedness before on set.
I still had fears and always felt shy of exposing my body. Thus doing that made me conquer that fear.

It later became a shock to me because I never knew it will ‘blow’ up like that. I see it as normal being an actress and a model.
Initially, my family were hurt but later defended me when people started writing obvious comments.

I felt and still feels great doing that.
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