Zazkid Blog Signs New Partnership Deal With Nizzy Artwork

Zazkid Blog signs a new partnership deal with one of the fast rising artwork brand NIZZY ARTWORK which showcase his creative skills through many form of art.

Starting from today 11th of July, 2020, this new partnership is aim at promoting the brand, showcasing art, creativity and artistic talents to the world.

As an Entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog , NizzyArtwork Art & Gallery is here to help showcase their work of arts to our lovely fans, followers and Viewer during their birthdays.

Any of our viewers/fans or followers celebrating their birthday is entitled to get a free birthday wish artwork from Nizzy Artwork Art & Gallery courtesy Zazkid Blog. All you have to do is to send atleast 5 nice and quality image of u to Zazkid Blog and we will help you do the magic with NIZZY ARTWORK, then u will recieve the artwork back from us.

If u want a birthday picture frame from Nizzy Artwork, that is gonna cost u some amount of money.

This partnership is aim at promoting peace, love , creativity and the art industry.

Having been recognize worldwide and also in Nigeria by couple of celebrities like Woli Agba and many more, we say a big thank you to the CEO of Nizzy Artwork Art & Gallery Mr Ige Oyeniyi popularly known as Comedian IGOLAFF for this great honour.

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