Sleezy Boy :Not Just A Regular 16 years old Rapper. He is a bomb

Sleezy Boy: Not Just That Regular 16 Year Old Rapper You Know. He is a Bomb!

Trying’ to get rid of as many hyperbolic expressions as possible, we could still say unequivocally (your meaning of this?), this guy is dope. Really fresh (if you’ve ever eaten fresh Ugwu, you’ll know what I mean) and dope! You know what I mean by “Fresh”, even if you haven’t eaten Egusi with a fresh Ugwu (Probably there are no fresh ones in your Area!)
Now, we’re not about to start ‘screaming’, this is the (I’m quoting…) “Most banging guy that raps better than Eminem, Mode9, and Lamar,” or “that
Sings better than Justin Bieber” Hell No! But, to be honest, he beats – the hell out of our imaginations.

He’s like a bro, needless to say. And we knew him when he had nothing, and was virtually doing ‘nothing'(kindly stop, let’s define nothing!)
Sleezy Boy (can’t believe we’re mentioning his name for the first time,) born Olaniyan Oluwatosin Daniel, is a promising new act that we think y’all should know. On a personal level – for lack of another word – we can recommend him, to anyone. He is young; we must say if we’re sane 16, actually. Not too young not to recognize a fine chic, uh? Dropping his debut, Kiss N Love, a cover of Ycee’s ‘smash hit’, (kind of feel like it’s clichéd!), JUICE, earlier this year, he’s gone on to serve us, another bang, “My Money,” which he release few (read: a couple of) weeks ago.

But for the ‘longness’ – if there’s a word like that – we’d have told him to add Amazing and Dope to his name. And maybe “Amazing Sleezy Boy Dope” Seems like we’re mad, ‘Okwaya’ (don’t worry, it’s Igbo) When it comes to the Mic, Sleezy is as mad as we are.
With two banging hits, and more to come, hopefully, we think nobody ‘sleeps’’ on ‘the boy’.
Our only problem, uh, with him was, when we contacted him for this, it took a couple of days for him to finally reply us. It kind of makes us afraid what will become when he finally blows UP!

Excerpts from the ‘interview’ below

*How far bro? What’s popping?*

All good and you
That’s how you’ll think this is all normal!

*We’re gonna’ talk to you like our bro that you are. And not like we met you when we wanted to do this interview. I hope that’s OK?*

(Laughs) Sure. Oya Let’s restart.

No grace for restart.

*Since you’re all good, we’re good too. A jo wà ni (We’re together.) Down to business*

*Why did you drop Kiss N’ love why on this round planet*

That’s a big one. You know, at the time, the Juice thing by Ycee was really making waves…
(Sarcastic) No, I don’t know. (Laughs) So, I heard a couple of covers, and I felt I can make up something, too. Then, I got the beat, wrote the lyrics, got in the booth, and boom… Released it!

*Now, when you asked if there’s any problem with it, we didn’t say there is. BUT, we did say; “if you can kill it more than Ycee…” Think you did That?*

Yeah! I guess so, ‘cos someone even pointed that out, “Baba you kill am pass Ycee sef.” I was just laughing.

*Now, how did My Money happen?*

Yeah, that’s my latest. Weeks after I dropped Kiss N’ Love, friends and fans were urging me to bring out something originally mine. Even my mom! And I did just that. Did “My Money,” you know something people can relate with. We’re all hustling for the money na..

*Be honest, can it match the Juice Cover? Or did it beat it?*

(Sighs) Well, being honest, like you said, I can’t say if one of my songs beats or matches another. I put in as much energy to a song like I’d do for another. The listeners would be the judge.

*And what has the review been so far? What are the ‘listeners’ saying?*

Excellent Keep it up, they say. No comparison so far.

*Honestly, it’s dope. BUT, we’re wondering why you didn’t do ‘pon pon’ music? Why didn’t you?*

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*Why do you think people should want to listen to your “My Money”?*

It reflects the mind of a hustler. You know everyone na hustler na. My Money is a song every being.. READ FULL GIST HERE

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