Meet Popular Nigerian Actor/Skit Maker - Isaac Bholu

Our Face of the week goes to Funaab Dopest Comic act, Skit Maker Isaac Bholu.He is also One of Indomie Campus Ambassador Representing Funaab.

Name: Ojo Boluwatife Isaac
Dept: Microbiology
Level :300
DOB: Feb 20
School: Funaab
Instagram @isaac_bholu
Facebook :Ojoh Bholu Isaac

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Meet Popular Nigerian Actor/Skit Maker - ISAAC BHOLU

Ojo Boluwatife Babatunde, popularly known as Isaac Bholu, was born on the 20th of February, over 2 decades ago. He is the first child out of 3 children and his father is late. He hails from Oyo State.

He is a student of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (Funaab) currently studying Microbiology at the College of Biological Sciences (Colbios)

Aside being an undergraduate, Isaac Bholu is an Actor and an online Skit maker on Instagram. He started skit making during his 200 level days,
from Instagram videos, all you could upload then was a 15 seconds clip, and it was quite difficult and challenging to make up something funny within that time frame, he kept on doing skits each day and he got a lot of encouragement that inspired him. His followers started increasing and it was really impressing, later Instagram videos was
increased to a minute and things got easier and better, as an undergraduate, he did a lot of skit and still found a balance with
academic life.

Currently, being a final year student, he had to take a break in skit making so as to be able to fully concentrate on his academics. This has made him lose some of his followers on Instagram but then he has to focus on his academics which is his main reason for being a student. He believes his audience will return if he has crazy and interesting contents to offer them and he plans to offer them amazing contents once he resumes.

Isaac Bholu is currently an Indomie Campus Ambassador and the ambassador to several other growing brands; he has also made
connections with few Nigerian celebrities.

To funaabites and other youth, his advice is “be creative and always think outside the box, you have to help yourself and work hard to become whoever you want to be and always trust God for divine help”.

In the nearest future, he sees himself successful enough to take careof his family and loved ones.

Connect with Isaac Bholu via his social media handles;
WhatsApp- 08160120658
Facebook- Ojoh bholu Isaac
Instagram- @isaac_bholu

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