The Senior Pastor of Voice of Liberty Intercessors Ministry, Apostle Joshua Mone has released his prophecies for 2017.
According to the divine message revealed to the cleric since December 2016, there are likely to be several natural disasters, man-made crises and political battles in Nigeria.Apostle Mone however cautioned that prayer remains the major key to averting those tragedies and bringing more of God’s blessings to the country.
Lists of the 35 prophecies of the cleric below:
1. I see a year of great opportunities in 2017
2. There shall be little famine in the land and great supplies, then famine again
3. I see importation (opening of border for importation of goods)
4. I see America and China in a close battle. Nigeria should pray not to be the field of the battle.
5. The African continent should pray. I see a terrible natural disaster
6. Boko Haram is not yet eliminated; I see more of Boko Haram attacks in 2017
7. Nigeria churches and Christians should pray, I see terrible attacks on the Christian faith this year
8. I see a prominent preacher passing away
9. I see a popular militant leader in Niger Delta declared wanted being arrested. He should ask for mercy from God
10. I see a minister from Niger Delta in a net, this is a set up.
11. Former governor of Delta state should pray. I see a strong attack on him. The wife should pray against sudden death.
12. Minister for information, God is against you. If you do not retrace your step from the evil agenda by you and your cohorts in your political party against a member of your partyin authority, you shall be exposed and disgraced.
13. The freedom and return of the ex-governor of Delta state should be carefully celebrated forI see trouble arranged by members of his team to eliminate him, but he should not worry. I see a throne for him if he can pray. I see high honour.
14. South Africa should pray, I see a terrorist attack
15. I see blood on the streets of Warri
16. I see a king in a small ethnic group in Delta state poisoned. This may result to death.He should pray. This is a throne from Delta south.
17. I see a strong battle on the America seat, Trump must seek for prayer. There will be strong opposition
18. Former president should pray. I see attack on his wife. They should pray for God to intervene
19. The Vice President should pray, I see a great storm coming on him and his position.
20. President Muhammad Buhari, I see great pestilence coming on him, God will reduce him
21. The current head of Delta state must pray. I see strong pressure, he should pray against health challenges.
22. Enugu must pray against weeping. I see terrible flood of blood.
23. I see herdsmen re-launch an attack
24. A popular church denomination with several branches, I see great storm, this is uprooting storm
25. MMM is regrouping to put many Nigerians into serious financial scarcity
26. I see too many bomb explosions, the church must pray
27. I see importation of fake medical supplements. This is against the women
28. The aviation ministry must put serious system in place to check flights. I see plane crash
29. I hear shout and heavy cry from Lagos. Lagos needs prayers
30. I see wedding, wedding, wedding but more of fake partners
31. I see great harvest of souls for Voice of Liberty this year, 2017
32. God will humble men and women by the great miracle that will be taking place in Voiceof Liberty in 2017
33. I see greatness and breakthroughs for Liberty families
34. Israel, Oh Israel, No shaking, God is with you. I see many oppositions on Israel this year, 2017 but she will prevail in all
35. I see increase in 419 on the streets. People should be very careful.

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