All Funaab Students Award 'AFSA 2017' celebrates achievements innovations, creativity and above all Champions.This platform is said to showcase and celebrate the most significant,dynamic and revolutionary students that are shaping the future of the school socially,educationally etc. . The Award will also feature exceptional categories tagged "Recognition Award" which main focus is to celebrate Teaching and Non Teaching Staffs,  Alumni and many more who have one way or the other contributed to the development of the social, moral and political life of our prestigious university.

AFSA 17 Award Categories

1. Best Student Academics
This category is set out for the most Outstanding student during the course of an academic session, It recognises the student with an excellent result and grade.

2. Most Enterprising Student
This category is set out for the most industrious and hard-working student who has done nothing but stayed on top of the game as an entrepreneur.

3. Student Brand Of The Year
This category is dedicated to the student owned company that has been able to survive and also dish out the very best of service in our campus community over the years despite facing specific and urban challenges.

4. On Air Personality
The Radio god or goddess whose name is on everyone's lips is being recognised in this category.

5. DJ Of The Year
The category is to the Disc jockey who appeared on every Major event on campus.

6. Comedian Of The Year
A stand up comedian and  professional entertainer who has used various physical or verbal means to be amusing is being recognised in this category.

7. Event Organiser Of The Year
Student who has successfully planned, managed and put on a range of event is recognised.

8. Best Use Of Social Media
This category will recognise the student with ground-breaking contributions to the evolution of the university social life via the use of mobile technology and connectivity.

9. Clothier Of The Year
No one else is recognised in this category other than the Best student when it comes to making and designing of clothing materials.

10. Best Dance Group
This category is set out to honour the team of dancers whose choreograph creativity is of no limit.

11. Student Actor Of The Year
This category is set out for that student who performed excellently and astonished the public in a drama/play performed by the students.

12. Rookie Of The Year
This category is set out for that student who is rapidly coming to limelight and seems to have a stay at the forefront of fame.

13. Most Creative (Hand Work)
Student with the most creative mind in the business having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas is being recognised.


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