It is here again and fun promising...the FUNAAB OUTSTANDING YOUTH AWARD 2017. The categories are below and you have the chance to nominate yourself and also nominate anyone you know is capable of it. Here are the Award categories:

1. Best graduating student
2. Most expensive (M&F)
3. Blogger of the year
4. Best Student PR
5. Artist of the year
6. Next rated artist of the year
7. Most beautiful and Handsome (Mr and MISS FOYA 2017)
8. Entertainment personality of d year.
9. Most Photogenic
10. Event planner of d year
11. Most Enterprising Student of the year(m&f)
12. Most Courteous
13. Most Fashionable (m&f)
14. Most influential (m&f)
15. Most creative
16. Most Active honourable of the year
17. Photographer of the year
18. Best clique(m&f)
20. Most Outstanding Youth
21. Media house of the year
22. Most popular(m&f)
23. Best Dj
24. Song of d year
25. Most portable
26. Most sought after (m and f)
27. Best hypeman
28. Clothier of d year
29. Comedian/oap of d year
30. Most Sophisticated (m&f)
31. Social media personality of the year
32. Most promising student of the  year
33. Best entrepreneur
34. Student Model of the year
36. Best Student Dancer (m&f)
37. Best Rapper
38. Best Student Rapper
39. Most endowed
40.Rookie of the year
41. Club Boy Of the Year
42.Perfect Gentleman
43.Mr Popaholic
44. Most Eccentric
45.Next Rated DJ
46.Most Reserved Male
47.Most Reserved Female
48.Sportman of the year
49.Big, Bold  & Beautiful
50.Best automobile
51.Graphics Designer of the year
52.Best Hoc
53.Hall of fame award
54.student company of the year
55.Next rated rave crew
56.Best instrumentalist.  
57.Best Dean of year

The Nominations are can nominate someone and also you can nominate yourself...send your nominations via WhatsApp or SMS to the following numbers

Scofield - 07063902492
Mz Brown - 07082653820
Merit - 08102595676
Ennydot- 07038403567

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