[Health] Effect Of Diet Coke To Human Health

A lot of people who would like to make a healthier choice usually go for diet Coke as opposed to the regular Coca Cola because they believe the former contains fewer calories.While this might sound smart, you might wonder what they replace the sugar with, in a diet Coke and if the substitute is better for your health than sugar.

Diet Coke has been shown to make you add weight Scientists have found that the drink’s sweetener – aspartame – actually increases the risk of adding weight which basically defeats the purpose of choosing it in the first place. The sugar substitute’s breakdown product, phenylalanine, disrupts the metabolic rate and consequently ups the chances of weight gain.Ingredient in diet Coke might be even worse for you.

The scientists who carried out the study explained that most people did not really understand that artificial sweeteners do not work.So, this is just to show you that if you crave a drink, simply go for water.

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