[Local News ] Shocking! !! Mum Feeds 3-days old Kabir with Acid

–The step-mum claims that she fed Kabir with methylated spirit while the doctor confirmed that it was an acid– Step-mother claims she was under a spell before feeding the baby with poisonI n barely three days after a family celebrated the birth of a boy, identified as Kabir, his step-mother (name withheld) has been accused of feeding the infant with acid.
The step-mother was said to have fed the baby with the poison when she requested to bath the newly born child.The 3-day old Kabir According to The Point, the mother of the baby willingly gave the baby to her husband’s first wife, with the hope that the woman was going to bath the child.The step-mum was said to have taken the child to a corner, and allegedly fed him with acid.After the act, the cry of the baby alerted the mother who immediately requested for her baby, but the step-mum was reluctant in releasing the baby to her.The mother of the child was said to have quickly rushed the baby to the Ilorin general hospital where the doctor confirmed that the child was fed with acid.Meanwhile, the step-mother who allegedly poisoned Kabir, said she fed the infant with a methylated spirit, adding that she committed the crime under the influence of a spell.Although the life of Kabir was saved due to prompt medical attention, the step-mother has refused to produce the ‘methylated spirit’ she fed the child with, despite threats and intimidation from her husband who is married to three wives.In a related development,the operatives of the Kano state police command apprehended three housewivesin connection with the attempted murder of a girl in Gayawa village.The suspects were recently arrested in the village after the father of the girl complained to the police.

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