Having a crush on someone is one thing and falling in love is another thing. Some times you love a girl whom you expect to love you back but in turn she doesn’t, gosh! Worry nomore, here are the simplest ways to win a girl’s heart and make her melt.

1. If She tell you she love you, Tell her you love her more than she love you. Let it be like a love competition and out compete her from all corners. Try to control her heart with too much love you offer to her and definitely that girl’s heart will melt down

2. Ask to See A Picture of Her; When She was a Child..!

3. Occasionally Call Her; By Her First and Middle Names

4. When She’s feeling Insecure; Stare Into Her Eyes and Tell Her; “There is No-One in The World Who could be as Right for you as She Is..”

5. Call Her when you are done with your work.. She’s always waiting for that
6. Speak her love language to her. Try to Learn her love language if you don’t know it. Speaking her love language open up her heart for you and you can be sure no guy will take her from you.

7. Try Desperately; To Make Her Laugh When She’s feeling Down. And also try to crack jokes; ladies love guys that are funny. But don’t try To attack her or yourself when cracking your jokes like comedians

.8. In the Middle of a Conversation; Tell Her that You Love Her a lot.

.9. Notice When She’s Wearing Something New, and give compliment.

10. Hold Her When She gets Jealous… Make her realize she is the one and only for You.

.11. Listen to her when she talks and don’t shut her up. Ladies love men who can listen to them as they share their innermost feeling. Don’t just listen but participate by saying words like really? Ehn ehn and say something if need be.

12. Tell her you are proud of her anywhere any-time and you can’t wait to have a daughter just like her. 

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