[News] Shocking! !!- Woman, Boyfriend Killed By Family For Having Extramarital Affair

A Pakistani woman and her alleged boyfriend were hung from a tree by her family members for having an affair.The mother-of-three and the man she was alleged to be having an affair with, were killed on Thursday, September 15, with the police placing the blame on her husband, brother and father.The murders occurred in the village of Chak which is northeast of the central city of Multan in Pakistan.The case is just another example of hundreds of so-called “honour killings”, in which the victim, is killed by her male relative or relativesfor bringing shame to the family and they are carried out yearly in Pakistan.Chief of the local police station, Sardar Afzal, told AFP:“A woman and her alleged boyfriend were hanged to death by the woman’s father, brother and husband after the woman was caught on a date with her boyfriend in the backyard of her house.”The victims were identified as Khalida Bibi, in her late twenties, and Mukhtiar Muhammad, assumed to be about 19.Afzal also revealed that all the suspects have been arrested and have confessed to their crimes, adding that the affair had been brought to the attention of her father and brother by the victim’s husband.Confirming the shocking incident, officials from the local police station said, “They were beaten up before being strung up in the tree and hanged,” another official said.The law minister in Pakistan has disclosed that bills tackling “honour killings” and increasing rape convictions will soon be voted on by the country’s parliament.Unfortunately, the perpetrators of these killings usually walk free after seeking forgiveness from another family member.

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