See Nigerians Reaction To LOGO BENZ A Song By Lilkesh X Olamide


By Yusuf Balogun Gemini.

I am angry. I wrote this very article with heavy hotness in my blood and if you can, you would perceive the underlying raw tone laced beneath these words. From the very onset, I know Lil Kesh is nothing to write home about. He's one of those local rappers who had the opportunity to hit limelight and without much ado, he further pressed on in his propagation of outright nonsense, loud beats with no lyrics, danceable rhythms without sensible contents. And yes, a considerable amount of the society are not left out in this damage, hence they prefer to spend thousands to watch his shows than take a seat at any of Beautiful Nubia's concerts. Hence, I wasn't very surprised when I heard Lil Kesh did a song promoting money rituals because even if you deport a mad man to Oyo state, he will still find a way to display his lunacy at Oja Oba.

But I'm HIGHLY disappointed at Olamide, in fact, if there's any other words than that, I will happily use it. Well, people are at liberty to destroy expectations, so I wouldn't blame him for that. When Olamide released Science Student then, I was deliberately mute, thinking it was one of those "breaking out of box" style to attack drug abuse. When "See Mary, See Jesus" dropped, I understood that a considerable set of Nigerians are stupid, quote me anywhere. These same people firing Falz for "This is Nigeria" couldn't say a thing to that very song, especially the Islamic clerics who were venting thunder and brimstone then. And now, Olamide finally proved to us that he is determined to proceed in this show of shame. What defense does a dog have for biting its owner? It is only sheer idiocy that would make Olamide ever come out in public to defend that crap he did with Lil Kesh, there's no justification for promoting what has obviously generated a lot of chaos in the society.

Our girls are claimed to be missing at every moments, their footprints cannot be traced even with TraceNaija, their genitals are constantly scrubbed away overnight, the least of the safest place is Nigeria. And then came this new medium of ripping off lives with pants, as if that wasn't enough, there is a large sensitization agog via every social platforms to curb this terrible menace that alerts no one yet attack any one! Olamide and Lil Kesh felt the only reasonable thing they could do was to release a song that obviously, directly, without mincing words; promotes ritualism? Is this how terrible our countrymen has become? I'm not surprised that both Olamide and Lil Kesh haven't gone beyond their visible scopes, no international audience would definitely settle for junks except for the few who might have mental issues.

Logo Benz not only deserves a nationwide ban but even these artistes deserve a lifetime expunging. This song has not only reflected moral decadence but has also defended the fact that many Nigerians will always prefer nonsense to good contents, I'm not surprised that a particular set of Nigerians are still defending this song. I do not know what came into these artistes' skulls or perhaps, it's a scheme to trend before the year wraps up? It is the wildest and most insulting of schemes, Logo Benz is not a controversial song. There's nothing controversial about lunatics except the ones that are not in chains. Logo Benz lacks the very essence of music and remains in fact the worst thing that can ever wrap up this season. Now, the mentality has been spread that Nigerian guys would rather make money with pants than work hard, sweat and have theirs! The misconception has been achieved with Logo Benz but we will scrap it. In fact, if a ban can be placed on Falz's This Is Nigeria but a ban cannot be placed on Logo Benz, then I'm very certain that the music industry is at the brink of losing it. Scratch that, the music industry has lost it! And at the end of the day, we will still get to see many of these readers showing up at OLIC 5. Promote trash and trash will trend, when your sister's pants get used for rituals, don't come here and start seeking for pity. It is in us to curtail evil, if we fail to because of our own fun, then we would gallantly be victims when the storm comes.

My verdict remains unchanged — Logo Benz is a song for psychopaths, made by psychopaths and embraced only by psychopaths. At the end of the day, I would prefer spending a lifetime at Adekunle Gold's concert than wasting a minute in any of these guys' show. Selah!

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