[News] Breaking: Change Brand Logo And Also Recruit A New Team


 The saying "Everyone is not your customer" is true but the message behind that fact is that the people who are your customer deserve services that are unique and outstanding. is growing and we want to make the experience even more savvy.

Being the best is the only market that isn't crowded,the goal is to be the best out of the lots of online market place.

 " the leading market place for Nigerian Students has now gotten even Bigger and Better. There's a new logo,a new Team,and more exciting feature.

In a press release by the team leader Mr Adegbite Opeyemi said "The addition of team members is necessary and to ease the convenience of the many users getting on the platform. He assured lots more exciting features would be added to the website to make navigation even more to make trading experience more interesting .

The team were working tirelessly to make the unique marketplace every Nigerian students will continue to use

 *New Colour and logo.*

The layout of the website is changed from all green to blue and orange red which makes it more attractive .The logo was also changed to portray the name of the brand. It just keeps getting better henceforth

*New Mobile Homepage*

 In the past,you might have encountered challenges navigating through our site on your smartphones and tablet devices. You might want to try that another time .The website is now with a friend lier mobile and optimized homepage listing all its categories with icon unlike the previous version listing all the ads plus the website now loads faster!Thumb up to the Team .

The features are:

▪The page comes with full width now

▪ Items appear larger which makes viewing easier.

▪ Navigation is simplified.

▪The website has been designed to recognize which ever type of device you're using and it's mobile friendly.

*Google Maps*

We just have simplified Trading, now with Google map it makes locating potential buyer/seller easier to find.

For security reasons,the location displayed by Google Maps on the website is plus or minus the exact location where the ads were posted.

 *Chat &Messaging System*

To make the trading experience even more better,buyers and Sellers can now chat in real time negotiating about the price of goods or making more Enquiries about the ads posted on the website .

The messaging system is simple and easy to use just like your WhatsApp or Facebook chat. This major upgrade will make buying and selling easier and stress free."

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