[Entertainment] The Day A Fan Kissed Me, Rita Dominic Shares Experience.

Ageless beauty, Rita Dominic is no doubt one of the revered actresses in Nigeria. The co-founder of Audrey Silva productions stated how a fan planted a kiss on her lips when she least expected.

Dominic noted that she was in shock when this happened to her.

The graceful and iconic actress said: “Like fans screaming on the streets outside Nigeria even here, in Liberia, Sierra Leone…in some other parts. Just people crying and screaming when they meet you; it’s amazing that people scream and cry when they meet you. Sometimes I ask myself what I’m doing right?

"They scream and jump at me, different things. “Some guy many years ago, I was trying to pass and I tapped him, just trying to say ‘excuse me’ and the next thing, he does a double take when he turned his back seeing it’s me and grabs me and just plant a kiss up my lips and then he screams my name ‘Rita Dominic!’ I was in shock…’what was that?’ Then my friend just took me away from there.”

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